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  2. W3Schools - Wikipedia

    W3Schools is a freemium educational website for learning coding online. Initially released in 1998, it derives its name from the World Wide Web but is not affiliated with the W3 Consortium. W3Schools offers courses covering many aspects of web development. W3Schools also publishes free HTML templates. It is run by Refsnes Data in Norway.

  3. MySQL - Wikipedia

    MySQL ( / ˌmaɪˌɛsˌkjuːˈɛl /) [5] is an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS). [5] [6] Its name is a combination of "My", the name of co-founder Michael Widenius 's daughter My, [7] and "SQL", the acronym for Structured Query Language.

  4. Comparison of online source code playgrounds - Wikipedia

    W3Schools: Free Yes Yes Yes No No jQuery, tutorials WebFiddle: Free No Yes Yes No No JSFeed: Free & Paid Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes HAML, Markdown, Jade, Less, Sass, Stylus, CoffeeScript, LiveScript, TypeScript, Babel LiveGap Editor : Free Yes Yes Yes No No Less: ScratchPad : Free Yes Yes No Yes No Runnable : Free Yes Yes Yes No No

  5. SQL - Wikipedia

    History. SQL was initially developed at IBM by Donald D. Chamberlin and Raymond F. Boyce after learning about the relational model from Edgar F. Codd in the early 1970s. This version, initially called SEQUEL (Structured English QUEry Language), was designed to manipulate and retrieve data stored in IBM's original quasirelational database management system, System R, which a group at IBM San ...

  6. Materialized view - Wikipedia

    Materialized view. In computing, a materialized view is a database object that contains the results of a query. For example, it may be a local copy of data located remotely, or may be a subset of the rows and/or columns of a table or join result, or may be a summary using an aggregate function . The process of setting up a materialized view is ...

  7. NoSQL - Wikipedia

    NoSQL (originally referring to "non- SQL " or "non-relational") [1] is an approach to database design that focuses on providing a mechanism for storage and retrieval of data that is modeled in means other than the tabular relations used in relational databases. Instead of the typical tabular structure of a relational database, NoSQL databases ...

  8. Merge (SQL) - Wikipedia

    Get shortened URL. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A relational database management system uses SQL MERGE (also called upsert) statements to INSERT new records or UPDATE existing records depending on whether condition matches. It was officially introduced in the SQL:2003 standard, and expanded [citation needed] in the SQL:2008 standard.

  9. Outline of MySQL - Wikipedia

    It was developed by MySQL AB, and enables users to graphically administer MySQL databases and visually design database structures. Adminer – free MySQL front end capable of managing multiple databases, with many CSS skins available. It is a light-weight alternative to phpMyAdmin, distributed under the Apache license (or GPL v2) as a single ...