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  2. Universal Flash Storage - Wikipedia

    Universal Flash Storage ( UFS) is a flash storage specification for digital cameras, mobile phones and consumer electronic devices. [1] [2] It was designed to bring higher data transfer speed and increased reliability to flash memory storage, while reducing market confusion and removing the need for different adapters for different types of ...

  3. Blackboard Inc. - Wikipedia

    Blackboard Analytics was developed after the company acquired iStrategy, a data analysis firm, in December 2010. The Blackboard Analytics platform is a system for data warehousing and analysis, with applications for educational institutions to analyze student numbers, class scheduling, and financial information. The platform was created as a ...

  4. University of the Free State - Wikipedia

    www .ufs .ac .za. The University of the Free State ( Sesotho: Yunivesithi ya Freistata, Afrikaans: Universiteit van die Vrystaat) is a multi-campus public university in Bloemfontein, the capital of the Free State and the judicial capital of South Africa. It was first established as an institution of higher learning in 1904 as a tertiary section ...

  5. AOL

    x. AOL works best with the latest versions of the browsers. You're using an outdated or unsupported browser and some AOL features may not work properly.

  6. 4 students shot outside Atlanta high school

    Phil Helsel. Updated February 14, 2024 at 9:22 PM. Four students leaving an Atlanta high school were wounded Wednesday when someone opened fire on them from a vehicle, the school district said ...

  7. When Should You Worry About Back Pain After a Fall? - Healthline

    gait imbalance. instability. mental status changes, loss of vision. any accident that involved a fall from a high height, car, bike, or motorcycle. Other symptoms to look out for include: new ...

  8. Unix File System - Wikipedia

    Not to be confused with Universal Flash Storage, a storage device standard with the same abbreviation. The Unix file system ( UFS) is a family of file systems supported by many Unix and Unix-like operating systems. It is a distant descendant of the original filesystem used by Version 7 Unix .