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  2. Pearlie - Wikipedia

    Moe. Moe is a pixie with a black mustache and beard. His aliases are Monsieur Snip and Manuel. He is a criminal wanted for cutting the heads off flowers. Saphira once made a plan for Mo to cut off all of Pearlie's hair, but it does not go according to plan (he tries to cut off Jasper's hair instead, to give himself a wig).

  3. Waterbed - Wikipedia

    The modern waterbed was created by Charles Prior Hall in 1968, while he was a design student at San Francisco State University in California. Hall originally wanted to make an innovative chair. His first prototype was a vinyl bag with 300 pounds (136 kg) of cornstarch. Ultimately, he abandoned working on a chair, and settled on perfecting a bed.

  4. Ministry of Education (Malaysia) - Wikipedia

    Frequently Asked Questions about MOE Policy. Malaysia Education for All, or Pendidikan untuk Semua Malaysia; Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025; To Uphold Bahasa Malaysia and To Strengthen English Language, or Dasar Memartabatkan Bahasa Malaysia dan Mengukuhkan Bahasa Inggeris (MBMMBI) 1 Student 1 Sport, or 1 Murid 1 Sukan

  5. Dormitory - Wikipedia

    Many newer residence halls offer single rooms as well as private bathrooms, or suite-style rooms. Most residence halls are much closer to campus than comparable private housing such as apartment buildings. This convenience is a major factor in the choice of where to live since living physically closer to classrooms is often preferred, particularly for first-year students who may not be

  6. Prank call - Wikipedia

    Early examples. British physicist R. V. Jones recorded two early examples of prank calls in his 1978 memoir Most Secret War: British Scientific Intelligence 1939–1945.The first was by Carl Bosch, a physicist and refugee from Nazi Germany, who in about 1933 persuaded a newspaper journalist that he could see his actions through the telephone (rather than, as was the case, from the window of ...

  7. Secondary education in Singapore - Wikipedia

    A student's overall academic performance is measured through several scoring systems (such as the L1R5, L1B5 and L1R4 scoring system) depending on which post-secondary institution a student is applying to. Each grade has a point value respective to it, for example, with grade A1 being 1 point, A2 being 2 points, and B3 being 3 points, and so on.

  8. Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design and ...

    Campus. The institute started functioning from the Jabalpur Engineering College's campus in 2005 until its permanent campus was constructed. The institute has been allotted a campus space of 500 acres (2.0 km 2), which is located in close proximity to the Domestic Airport and Dumna Nature Reserve Park, in 2006 following the appointment of Dr. Sanjeev Bhargava as director.

  9. Curly Howard - Wikipedia

    A quiet child, Howard rarely caused problems for his parents (something in which older brothers Moe and Shemp excelled). He was a mediocre student, but excelled as an athlete on the school basketball team. He did not graduate high school; instead, he kept himself busy with odd jobs and constantly following his older brothers, whom he idolized.