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  2. Creating an Effective Behavior Chart: Types, Treats, Tips & More

    A behavior chart involves setting a goal, creating a chart that clearly displays the goal, and then marking with stars, stickers, or earning other rewards when the behavior has been...

  3. Template:Graph:Chart - Wikipedia

    The CSV file can be loaded with an v:en:AppLSAC, that is able to convert the CSV in chart for the data. The column should have headers in the first row. The column of the CSV file contain float or integer values. CSV2WikiChart was created as support tool for Wikipedia and for Wikiversity learning resources that contain data. Parameters

  4. Category:Bar chart templates - Wikipedia

    Category:Bar chart templates. Category. : Bar chart templates. Templates for the creation of bar charts. meta:Philip Greenspun illustration project/Requests (to request the creation/improvement of illustrations). The pages listed in this category are meant to be function templates, i.e. templates that produce text, images or other elements.

  5. Template:Tree chart - Wikipedia

    The content of each box is specified using additional named parameters appended to the template call. Each box is three tiles wide and normally has a black border two pixels wide. Boxes can have any name that is a valid template parameter name, subject to a minimum of two alphabetical characters.

  6. Gantt chart - Wikipedia

    Gantt chart A Gantt chart showing three kinds of schedule dependencies (in red) and percent complete indications. Henry Gantt, inventor of the Gantt chart A Gantt chart is a type of bar chart that illustrates a project schedule, named after its popularizer, Henry Gantt (1861–1919), who designed such a chart around the years 1910–1915.

  7. Daily Toddler Schedule: Routines and Sample to Follow

    12 to 1 p.m.: Lunch and wind down. Chow down on some lunch. Chances are, your younger toddler will still be taking naps. After lunch is a good time to set the stage for napping success by making ...

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    related to: simple chart template