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  2. Alnatura - Wikipedia

    The Alnatura Produktions- und Handels GmbH is a chain of organic food supermarkets and producer of organic food headquartered in Darmstadt, Hesse in Germany.The company was founded in 1984 and distributes food and textiles, produced according to ecological aspects, under the trademark Alnatura.

  3. IKEA - Wikipedia

    IKEA (Swedish: ; US: / aɪ ˈ k iː ə /) is a Swedish-founded, Dutch-based multinational conglomerate that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances and home accessories, among other goods and home services.

  4. List of professional designations in the United States

    Master Certified Health Education Specialist: MCHES: National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc. Master of Public Health: MPH: Accredited through the Council on Education for Public Health. Focuses on public health practice (rather than research) and includes health education and epidemiology. Master of Health Informatics: MHI

  5. GAIL - Wikipedia

    The company has also extended its presence in power, liquefied natural gas re-gasification, city gas distribution and exploration & production through participation in equity and joint ventures. Incorporating the new-found energy into its corporate identity, Gas Authority of India was renamed GAIL (India) Limited on 22 November 2002.

  6. SAP - Wikipedia

    SAP Business Technology Platform, formerly known as SAP Cloud Platform (SCP), is SAP's platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that is used to deliver in-memory capabilities and microservices for building and extending, mobile-enabled cloud applications. The infrastructure is offered through a global network of SAP-managed data centers.

  7. Australian Border Force - Wikipedia

    The statutory office of Comptroller-General of Customs, responsible for administering the ACS, was also established on that date. The Australian Customs Service formally commenced operations on 1 July 1985. In August 1988, the Australian Coastal Surveillance Organisation became Coastwatch and was transferred to the Australian Customs Service.

  8. Social exclusion - Wikipedia

    Eight week paternity leave is a good example of one social change. Child health care providers have an opportunity to have a greater influence on the child and family structure by supporting fathers and enhancing a father's involvement. More broadly, many women face social exclusion.

  9. International criminal law - Wikipedia

    International criminal law is a subset of international law. As such, its sources are those that comprise international law. The classical enumeration of those sources is in Article 38(1) of the 1946 Statute of the International Court of Justice and comprise: treaties, customary international law, general principles of law (and as a subsidiary measure judicial decisions and the most highly ...