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  2. SCP Foundation - Wikipedia

    SCP-108 is a Nazi bunker system that is only accessible through a portal found in a woman's nose. SCP-173 is a humanoid statue composed of rebar, concrete and Krylon spray paint. It is immobile when directly observed, but it attacks people and breaks their neck when the line of sight with it is broken.

  3. Scps - Wikipedia

    SCPS may refer to: Savannah Christian Preparatory School New York University School of Continuing and Professional Studies Seaway Crude Pipeline System Seminole County Public Schools Society of Civil and Public Servants Space Communications Protocol Specifications Spotsylvania County Public Schools Soldier Plate Carrier System

  4. Seminole County Public Schools - Wikipedia

    NCES District ID. 1201710. Other information. Website. www .scps .k12 .fl .us. Seminole County Public Schools ( SCPS) is a public school district that covers Seminole County, Florida. As of September 2006. [update] , the total district wide enrollment was 66,351 students.

  5. Service control point - Wikipedia

    (January 2011) A service control point (SCP) is a standard component of the Intelligent Network (IN) telephone system which is used to control the service. Standard SCPs in the telecom industry today are deployed using SS7, SIGTRAN or SIP technologies. The SCP queries the service data point (SDP) which holds the actual database and directory.

  6. SCP – Containment Breach - Wikipedia–_Containment_Breach

    SCP – Containment Breach is a horror video game developed by Joonas Rikkonen ("Regalis") and based on fictional stories from the SCP Foundation website. The player takes the role of a human test subject who is imprisoned in an underground facility devoted to containing and studying anomalous entities and items labeled SCPs.

  7. Talk:SCP Foundation - Wikipedia

    All the scps referenced in this article are either dangerous/creepy. Scp 999 is an animate orange blob with a face and arms, that smells whatever is most comforting to each person, induces happiness when around and can help with depression and PTSD, therefore somewhat being used by the scp foundation as a tool.

  8. Savannah Christian Preparatory School - Wikipedia

    Savannah Christian Preparatory School ( SCPS) is a private, college preparatory, non-denominational Christian school located in Savannah, Georgia, United States. Contents 1 Campuses 1.1 Chatham Parkway 2 History 3 Student activities 3.1 Athletics 3.2 Fine arts 3.3 Drama 3.4 Notable alumni 4 References 5 External links Campuses Chatham Parkway

  9. SCP: Secret Laboratory - Wikipedia

    SCP-106, aka "The Old Man," or 'Larry," is an emaciated humanoid covered in a corrosive black substance. SCP-106 has 1200 HP. While SCP-106 has an 80% resistance to bullets, SCP-106 has no resistance against all other forms of attack, such as grenades.

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