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  2. Casselberry, Florida - Wikipedia,_Florida

    Casselberry is located at . According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 7.1 square miles (18 km 2), of which 6.7 square miles (17 km 2) is land and 0.4 square miles (1.0 km 2) (6.06%) is water.

  3. HVS Global Hospitality Services - Wikipedia

    HVS is a consulting firm that specializes in providing services to the hospitality industry.As of 2020, HVS operated out of 47 offices located in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

  4. List of IP protocol numbers - Wikipedia

    SCPS SCPS (Space Communications Protocol Standards) SCPS-TP: 0x6A 106 QNX: QNX 0x6B 107 A/N Active Networks 0x6C 108 IPComp IP Payload Compression Protocol: RFC 3173: 0x6D 109 SNP Sitara Networks Protocol: 0x6E 110 Compaq-Peer Compaq Peer Protocol: 0x6F 111 IPX-in-IP IPX in IP: 0x70 112 VRRP

  5. Gatso - Wikipedia

    Gatso cameras in the UK previously had deployment requirements, in common with all fixed speed camera types operated in the UK by Safety Camera Partnerships (SCPs) under the National Safety Camera Programme (NSCP). They had to be marked, made visible, located in places with a history of serious accidents, and where there was evidence of a ...

  6. OpenGrok - Wikipedia

    OpenGrok is a source code search and cross reference engine. It helps programmers to search, cross-reference and navigate source code trees to aid code comprehension.. It can understand various program file formats and version control histories like Monotone, SCCS, RCS, CVS, Subversion, Mercurial, Git, Clearcase, Perforce and Bazaar.

  7. Signal Transfer Point - Wikipedia

    A Signal Transfer Point (STP) is a node in an SS7 network that routes signaling messages based on their destination point code in the SS7 network. It works as a router that relays SS7 messages between signaling end-points and other signaling transfer points (STPs).

  8. Java Class Library - Wikipedia

    The Java Class Library (JCL) is a set of dynamically loadable libraries that Java Virtual Machine (JVM) languages can call at run time.Because the Java Platform is not dependent on a specific operating system, applications cannot rely on any of the platform-native libraries.

  9. Service Control Manager - Wikipedia

    Then a named pipe \Pipe\Ntsvcs is created as a remote procedure call interface between the SCM and the SCPs (Service Control Processes) that interact with specific services. Next, it calls the ScAutoStartServices() function which loops through all the services marked as auto-start, paying attention to the calculated load-order dependencies. In ...