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  2. Saskatoon Public Schools - Wikipedia

    Saskatoon Public Schools ( SPS) or Saskatoon S.D. No. 13 is the largest school division in Saskatchewan serving approximately 24,000 [2] students. Saskatoon Public Schools operates 49 elementary schools, 10 secondary schools and 3 associate or affiliate schools in Saskatoon and surrounding area. [5]

  3. Education in Saskatchewan - Wikipedia

    Education in Saskatchewan, Canada, teaches a curriculum of learning set out by the Government of Saskatchewan through the Ministry of Education. The curriculum sets out to develop skills, knowledge and understanding to improve the quality of life.

  4. Saskatchewan Polytechnic - Wikipedia

    Saskatchewan Polytechnic (formerly the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology or SIAST) is Saskatchewan's primary public institution for post-secondary technical education and skills training, recognized nationally and internationally for its expertise and innovation.

  5. Higher education in Saskatchewan - Wikipedia

    For students outside urban centres, Saskatchewan offered online education through Campus Saskatchewan. It was a partnership, directed and managed by members, to support them in developing and advancing inter-institutional initiatives to achieve shared goals and priorities for the use of technology enhanced learning.

  6. Prairie Spirit School Division - Wikipedia

    Prairie Spirit School Division No. 206 has 47 schools located in 28 communities surrounding the city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan which includes 3 First Nations and 9 Hutterite communities. The student population of approximately 12,000 surrounds the city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan as a ring of rural communities around the urban centre.

  7. Saskatchewan Rivers School Division - Wikipedia

    The Saskatchewan Rivers School Division #119 comprises 33 schools in the Prince Albert, Saskatchewan area, and is the third largest school division in the province. This division has over 9500 students enrolled, with 365 support personnel, 475 teachers, and 88 division owned buses (2200 kids ride the bus every day).

  8. List of schools in Regina, Saskatchewan - Wikipedia

    In Saskatchewan, elementary school generally takes place from Kindergarten until completion of Grade 8; education to this level has always been mandatory. Secondary school generally takes place from Grade 9 until completion of Grade 12, with the exception of some schools which offer specialized K-12 programs and alternative schools.