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  2. Portal - Wikipedia

    Portal (magic trick), an illusion performed by David Copperfield. Portal (TV series), a series about MMORPGs. Portals (initiative), a public art initiative that connects people in different world cities through real-time videoconferencing. The Portal (podcast), a podcast hosted by Eric Weinstein.

  3. Portal (character) - Wikipedia

    Charles Little Sky. Species. Human Mutant. Team affiliations. A.R.M.O.R. Abilities. Dimensional teleportation and manipulation, Alien weaponry. Portal ( Charles Little Sky) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Portal is a mutant superhero .

  4. List of Portal characters - Wikipedia

    Designed by. Michael Avon Oeming (young appearance) (Portal 2: Lab Rat) Andrea Wicklund (older appearance) (Portal 2: Lab Rat) Voiced by. Unknown (vocalizations in some music tracks) Doug Rattmann, often referred to as the " Ratman" is a character in both Portal and Portal 2. He was a former scientist working at Aperture and one of the few who ...

  5. Portal (band) - Wikipedia

    Portal is an Australian experimental metal band whose style is an unorthodox fusion of death metal, black metal, dark ambient and experimental music. The band's hybrid musical style is characterised by heavily distorted guitar riffs , down-tuned rhythms, and vocals ranging from "menacing, echoing" sound effects to death grunts .

  6. Portal, North Dakota - Wikipedia,_North_Dakota

    1030785. Website. Portal is a city in Burke County, North Dakota, United States. The population was 125 at the 2020 census. Portal was founded in 1893. Portal sits along the Canada–United States border and is a major port of entry for road and rail traffic. North Portal, Saskatchewan is just over the border north of ...

  7. Portal:United States - Wikipedia

    The United States of America is a federal republic of 50 states, a capital district, and a number of other territories.It is located mostly in central North America.The U.S. has three land borders, two with Canada and one with Mexico, and is otherwise bounded by the Pacific Ocean, the Bering Sea, the Arctic Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.

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