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  2. Pima Community College - Wikipedia

    Pima Community College ( PCC) is a public community college in Pima County, Arizona. It serves the Tucson metropolitan area with a community college district consisting of five campuses, four education centers, and several adult education learning centers. It provides traditional and online instruction for over 144 programs. [1]

  3. Pima people - Wikipedia

    The Akimel Oʼodham (known as the Pima to anthropologists) are a subgroup of the Upper Oʼodham or Upper Pima (also known as Pima Alto ), whose lands were known in Spanish as Pimería Alta. These groups are culturally related. They are thought to be culturally descended from the group classified in archaeology as the Hohokam. [6]

  4. Pakistan Islamic Medical Association - Wikipedia

    (January 2016) Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) was established in Oct, 1979. Since its inception PIMA has been striving to achieve its goals in professional and training of doctors, calling its members and associates towards Islamic way of life through its regular Dawah and training workshops and seminars.

  5. Pima High School - Wikipedia

    Pima High School is a high school in Pima, Arizona. It is operated by the Pima Unified School District, which also operates an elementary school and junior high school. It is operated by the Pima Unified School District, which also operates an elementary school and junior high school.

  6. Pima Medical Institute - Wikipedia

    Pima Medical Institute was founded in Tucson, Arizona, in January 1972 by Richard Luebke, Sr. and his wife, JoAnn. The first program offered was nursing assistant. Based on job demands in the community, Pima grew their programs and campuses to fill those needs, including the launch of online programs in 2006.

  7. Tucson Indian School - Wikipedia

    Tucson Indian school was founded in 1888 with the purpose of facilitating the assimilation of native children of the Pima and Papago (currently known as the Tohono O’odham) tribes from the area around what is now Tucson, Arizona. The school was created under federal acts with the goal of indoctrinating native American children into western ...

  8. Talk:Pima County, Arizona - Wikipedia,_Arizona

    Concerning the city maps for Pima County - some of these places are too new to show up on Mapquest, which is the resource I've been using to verify placement. I've mapped community latitudes and longitudes to the Arizona county map to place the "dots" and in general, they have been correct within a pixel or two without correction.

  9. Catholic University of America - Wikipedia

    The members are all students of the university and are active on and around the campus. The national service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega, has a chapter (Zeta Mu) on campus as well. Former Phi Kappa Theta DC Omega chapter is inactive. The CUA Student Association is the university's undergraduate student government.