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  2. 2011 Tucson shooting - Wikipedia

    On January 21, 2011, less than two weeks after the attack, her condition was deemed sufficiently stable for her to be released to Houston's Memorial Hermann Medical Center. A few days later she was moved to the center's Institute for Rehabilitation and Research to undergo a program of physical therapy and rehabilitation.

  3. Affluence in the United States - Wikipedia

    Affluence refers to an individual's or household's economical and financial advantage in comparison to others. It may be assessed through either income or wealth.. In absolute terms affluence is a relatively widespread phenomenon in the United States, with over 30% of households having an income exceeding $100,000 per year and over 30% of households having a net worth exceeding $250,000, as of ...

  4. List of hospitals in Arizona - Wikipedia

    Hospitals. The American Hospital Directory lists 124 hospitals in Arizona, which had a population of 7,278,717 in 2019. In 2020, these hospitals had 13,296 staffed beds.

  5. Type 2 diabetes - Wikipedia

    Type 2 diabetes is typically a chronic disease associated with a ten-year-shorter life expectancy. This is partly due to a number of complications with which it is associated, including: two to four times the risk of cardiovascular disease, including ischemic heart disease and stroke; a 20-fold increase in lower limb amputations, and increased rates of hospitalizations.

  6. Maya peoples - Wikipedia

    He was first appointed as overseer of the state's rural medical system. He was the first governor of the modern Yucatán Peninsula to be of full Maya ancestry. In the early 21st century, dozens of politicians, including deputies, mayors and senators, are of full or mixed Maya heritage from the Yucatán Peninsula.

  7. Genetic causes of type 2 diabetes - Wikipedia

    TCF7L2 is one of the well-studied genes for diabetes susceptibility in most populations. However, SNPs in TCF7L2 that would normally increase the risk of diabetes does not affect the susceptibility for Pima Indians. However, this gene is associated with regulating the BMI for Pima Indian population.

  8. Touro University Nevada - Wikipedia

    Touro University Nevada was established to help address critical needs in health care and education, and as a resource for community service in Nevada. A non-profit, Jewish-sponsored, private institution affiliated with an international system of higher education, the university opened in 2004 with 78 medical students.

  9. Insulin resistance - Wikipedia

    The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases states that specific risks that may predispose an individual to insulin resistance can include: being aged 45 or older; having African American, Alaska Native, American Indian, Asian American, Hispanic/Latino, Native Hawaiian, or Pacific Islander American ethnicity