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  2. Smarty (template engine) - Wikipedia

    Smarty is a web template system written in PHP. Smarty is primarily promoted as a tool for separation of concerns. [2] Smarty is intended to simplify compartmentalization, allowing the front-end of a web page to change separately from its back-end. Ideally, this lowers costs and minimizes the efforts associated with software maintenance .

  3. Web template system - Wikipedia

    A web template system is composed of the following: A template engine: the primary processing element of the system; [1] Content resource: any of various kinds of input data streams, such as from a relational database, XML files, LDAP directory, and other kinds of local or networked data; Template resource: web template s specified according to ...

  4. Template:User unified login - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. is the unique login of this user for all public. |. { {PAGENAME}} Web colors#Hex triplet. The "border" parameter, if not included, also defaults to #E0E8EF. The "align" parameter, if not included, defaults to left. The "rounded" parameter, if not included, defaults to no. {{ User unified login/userbox }}

  5. Template:User unified login/userbox - Wikipedia

    {{User unified login/userbox|username here|image=file name of image|background=CSS color|border=CSS color}} The first default parameter uses {{BASEPAGENAME}} to find your username. If your unified login name is not the same, replace "username here" appropriately.

  6. Template:Page log - Wikipedia

    This creates a link page log for the specified page. { { Page log |full page name|text}} This creates a link text for the specified page. { { Page log }} The default is the SUBJECTPAGENAME, for use on the talk page. Template:Page log ( edit talk links history) supports optional substitution: { { subst:Page log }}

  7. Wikipedia:Template index - Wikipedia

    This page provides an index of templates used within Wikipedia, many of which convey messages; they are grouped into topic-specific headings. For information on what templates are, and how the template namespace is intended to be used, see WP:Template namespace. For information on template use and development, see Help:Template.

  8. Template:Must log in - Wikipedia

    No description. [Edit template data] Template parameters Parameter Description Type Status 1 1 The content shown only if logged in. Cannot handle normal line breaks; use {{parabr}} instead. Content suggested return return The page to automatically return to after the user completes registration. Must be URL encoded, which can be done via {{subst:urlencode:Name of the page}}. Example Template ...