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  2. Microsoft OneNote - Wikipedia

    OneNote clients, including OneNote web app of Office Online, can view and edit them. OneNote is also available for mobile phones. Microsoft has released a stand-alone OneNote app for iOS and Android, which are each free for up to 5GB of storage as part of OneDrive. Beyond 5GB, users can upgrade OneDrive to expand their storage.

  3. Webmail - Wikipedia

    As with any web application, webmail's main advantage over the use of a desktop email client is the ability to send and receive email anywhere from a web browser. Its main disadvantage is the need to be connected to the Internet while using it.

  4. Sleipnir (web browser) - Wikipedia

    Sleipnir is a tabbed web browser developed by Fenrir Inc. The browser's main features are customization and tab functions. It supports HTML5 and different layout engines. The names Sleipnir and Fenrir are both names of animals from Norse mythology. Sleipnir was originally created in Japanese and then released with English and Chinese translations.

  5. Microsoft 365 - Wikipedia

    The Microsoft Outlook Web App, a part of the Live@edu service, displayed as a pinned site in Windows Internet Explorer 9 Office 365 Education , formerly Office 365 for Education and Microsoft Live@edu , is a free suite of hosted Microsoft services and applications that is intended for educational needs.