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  2. Navy League of the United States - Wikipedia

    The Navy League of the United States, commonly referred to as the Navy League, is a national association with nearly 50,000 members who advocate for a strong, credible United States Navy, United States Marine Corps, United States Coast Guard and U.S. Merchant Marine . It was founded in 1902, at the suggestion of Theodore Roosevelt.

  3. List of U.S. Navy acronyms - Wikipedia

    ASW – Anti-Submarine Warfare. ASWO – Anti-Submarine Warfare Officer. AT – Annual Training (U.S. Navy Reserve, type of active duty orders, typically less than 30 days) AT – Aviation Electronics Technician [1] ATS – Auxiliary, Towing and Salvage, class/type of ship. AUTEC – Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center.

  4. TADIL-J - Wikipedia

    TADIL-J refers to the system of standardized J-series messages which are known by NATO as Link 16.These are defined by U.S. military standard (MIL-STD) 6016. It is used by the U.S. Navy, U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Coast Guard, the NSA, several NATO countries, and Japan as part of the Multi-Tactical Data Link Network, a Tactical Data Link.

  5. Fast combat support ship - Wikipedia

    The fast combat support ship (US Navy hull classification symbol: AOE) is a type of replenishment auxiliary ship.Different from traditional logistic ships, the fast combat support ship is designed with high speed to keep up with the carrier battle group/carrier strike group, while the multi-product station is capable of supplying all types of necessities for the fleet.

  6. MIL-STD-6011 - Wikipedia

    NATO link 11 Broadcasting on 3-22-25 at 4469.3kHz TADIL-A / Link 11 is a secure half-duplex tactical data link used by NATO to exchange digital data. It was originally developed by a joint committee including members from the Canadian Navy, US Navy and Royal Navy to pass accurate targeting information between ships.

  7. List of NATO exercises - Wikipedia

    Exercise Reforger was a major annual exercise and campaign conducted from 1969 to 1993, mainly on German territory. Northern Wedding was a naval exercise held 1970-1986, designed to test NATO's ability to rearm and resupply Europe. Exercise Able Archer was an annual exercise by NATO military forces in Europe.

  8. Link 22 - Wikipedia

    Link 22 overview [ edit] Link 22 is a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) secure radio system that provides beyond line-of-sight (BLOS) communications. It interconnects air, surface, subsurface, and ground-based tactical data systems, and it is used for the exchange of tactical data among the military units of the participating nations.

  9. QF 12-pounder 12 cwt naval gun - Wikipedia

    Ansaldo & C. The QF 12-pounder 12-cwt gun ( Quick-Firing) (abbreviated as Q.F. 12-pdr. [12-cwt.]) was a common, versatile 3-inch (76.2 mm) calibre naval gun introduced in 1894 and used until the middle of the 20th century. [4] It was produced by Armstrong Whitworth, Elswick and used on Royal Navy warships, exported to allied countries, and used ...

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    related to: navy quick links