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  2. Microsoft Agent - Wikipedia

    Microsoft Agent characters are stored in files of the .ACS extension, and can be stored in a number of compressed .ACF files for better World Wide Web distribution. Microsoft Office 97 and Microsoft Bob Actor characters are stored in files of the .ACT extension.

  3. Ebook - Wikipedia

    Microsoft releases the Microsoft Reader with ClearType for increased readability on PCs and handheld devices. Microsoft and Amazon work together to sell e-books that can be purchased on Amazon, and using Microsoft software downloaded to PCs and handhelds. A digitized version of the Gutenberg Bible is made available online at the British Library.

  4. Wikipedia:Lamest edit wars - Wikipedia

    What should the wrongname template say? Some argue that a Microsoft FAQ supports the sharp symbol, while others argue that the ECMA standard promotes the # symbol and that it has better browser support. Some propose using # as a superscript (C #), which few editors like. Editors repeatedly reverted between each other, some refusing to discuss ...