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  2. Navy Marine Corps Intranet - Wikipedia

    The Navy/Marine Corps Intranet ( NMCI) is a United States Department of the Navy program which was designed to provide the vast majority of information technology services for the entire Department, including the United States Navy and Marine Corps . Overview [ edit]

  3. Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command - Wikipedia

    The Marine Corps Information Command (MARCOR INFOCOM) [13] was established on 1 October 2022 to provide the Marine Corps with an operational command that was capable of unifying information-related capabilities and functions to support Fleet Marine Forces (FMF) in competition and crisis.

  4. Marine Corps Intelligence - Wikipedia

    The Marine Corps Intelligence Activity mission is to provide intelligence services to the Marine Corps and the U.S. Intelligence Community. These services are based on expeditionary mission profiles in littoral areas. It supports the development of service doctrine, force structure, training and education, and acquisition.

  5. Marine Corps Total Force System - Wikipedia

    Marine Corps Total Force System (MCTFS) is the integrated pay and personnel system for active duty and reserve Marines, and the authoritative source of data for all Marine Corps (MC) pay and personnel information consisting of over 550,000 records.

  6. Blount Island Command - Wikipedia

    Marine Corps Support Facility Blount Island (MCSF-BI) is among the latest US bases built. It was built for maintenance operations to the maritime ships. Marines at BICmd The base is responsible for the planning, coordination and execution of logistics procedures of the MPF. The ships are used in various operations.

  7. United States Marine Corps Military Police - Wikipedia

    Mission [ edit] United States Marine Corps Military Police provide the Marine air-ground task force, component, and combatant commanders with scalable, highly-trained police forces capable of conducting law and order operations in an expeditionary environment across the range of military operations. [1]

  8. Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow - Wikipedia

    Colonel Gregory B. Pace. Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow is a United States Marine Corps supply and maintenance installation located in the Mojave Desert east of Barstow, in San Bernardino County, Southern California . Its mission is to rebuild and repair ground-combat and combat-support equipment and to support installations on the West ...