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  2. Arizona Corporation Commission - Wikipedia

    www .azcc .gov. The Arizona Corporation Commission is the Public Utilities Commission of the State of Arizona, established by Article 15 of the Arizona Constitution. Arizona is one of only fourteen states with elected commissioners. [1] The Arizona Constitution explicitly calls for an elected commission, as opposed to a governor-appointed ...

  3. Arizona Department of Public Safety - Wikipedia

    Website. www .azdps .gov. The Arizona Department of Public Safety ( AZDPS) is a state-level law enforcement agency with a primary function of patrolling and enforcing state laws on Arizona highways. [5] Director Heston Silbert was promoted from Deputy Director to Director in April 2020, upon the retirement of former Director Frank Milstead.

  4. Arizona Public Service - Wikipedia

    Arizona Public Service (APS) is the largest electric utility in Arizona, United States. Since 1985, it has been the principal subsidiary of publicly traded S&P 500 member Pinnacle West Capital Corporation, known as AZP Group until 1987. Pinnacle West Capital made a profit of $500 million in 2017. With 4,000 MW of generating capacity, APS serves ...

  5. Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System - Wikipedia

    The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System ( AHCCCS, pronounced “access”) is the state agency that administers Arizona’s Medicaid program. Medicaid was created to provide healthcare to individuals who qualify by financial (and, for some programs, medical) need. The $14.6 billion dollar program covers the behavioral and physical ...

  6. Public utilities commission - Wikipedia

    In Canada, a public utilities commission ( PUC) is a public utility regulator, typically a semi-independent quasi-judicial tribunal, owned and operated within a municipal or local government system under the oversight of one or more elected commissioners. [1] Its role is analogous to a municipal utility district or public utility district in ...

  7. Secretary of State of Arizona - Wikipedia

    The secretary of state of Arizona is an elected position in the U.S. state of Arizona. Since Arizona does not have a lieutenant governor, the secretary stands first in the line of succession to the governorship. [1] The secretary also serves as acting governor whenever the governor is incapacitated or out of state.

  8. List of Arizona state parks - Wikipedia

    The state park system in Arizona includes both state parks and state historic parks, as well as other designations such as natural areas and recreation areas. Arizona currently has 31 state park units, which are managed wholly or partly by the Arizona State Parks government agency. In 2010 several Arizona state parks were closed due to budget cuts.