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  2. Sun-Maid employees feel relief after receiving COVID vaccine

    Staff from United Health Centers administered shots to about 800 Sun-Maid growers, workers and family members.

  3. Employee benefits - Wikipedia

    Benefits that are mandated are thought of as creating employee rights or entitlements, while discretionary benefits are intended to inspire employee loyalty and increase job satisfaction. Canada. Employee benefits in Canada usually refer to employer sponsored life, disability, health, and dental plans. Such group insurance plans are a top-up to ...

  4. Paycheck Protection Program - Wikipedia

    The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) is a $953-billion business loan program established by the United States federal government, led by the Donald Trump administration in 2020 through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) to help certain businesses, self-employed workers, sole proprietors, certain nonprofit organizations, and tribal businesses continue paying ...

  5. Payroll tax - Wikipedia

    The tax is paid by employers based on the total remuneration (salary and benefits) paid to all employees, at a standard rate of 14% (though, under certain circumstances, can be as low as 4.75%). Employers are allowed to deduct a small percentage of an employee's pay (around 4%). Another tax, social insurance, is withheld by the employer.

  6. Internal Revenue Service - Wikipedia

    v. t. e. The Internal Revenue Service ( IRS) is the revenue service for the United States federal government, which is responsible for collecting taxes and administering the Internal Revenue Code, the main body of the federal statutory tax law.

  7. Self-employment - Wikipedia

    Self-employment. Self-employment is the state of working for oneself rather than an employer. Tax authorities will generally view a person as self-employed if the person chooses to be recognised as such or if the person is generating income for which a tax return needs to be filed. In the real world, the critical issue for the tax authorities ...


  9. Taxation in the Republic of Ireland - Wikipedia

    The OECD's 2018 Taxing Wages shows Ireland's employee tax on wages, which is the total tax (PAYE and EE–PRSI less SS Benefits) paid by Irish employees, as a % of their gross wages, is also one of the lowest in the OECD. Of the 35 OECD members in 2017, the average Irish single-worker paid 19.4% versus the OECD average of 25.5% (ranked 28th ...

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    related to: employee portal payroll relief accountantsworld