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  2. Government of Jharkhand - Wikipedia

    The Government of Jharkhand also known as the State Government of Jharkhand, or locally as State Government, is the supreme governing authority of the Indian state of Jharkhand and its 24 districts. It consists of an executive , led by the Governor of Jharkhand , a judiciary and a legislative branch.

  3. Jharkhand - Wikipedia

    Jharkhand ( / ˈdʒɑːrkənd /; [7] Hindi: [d͡ʒʱɑːɾkʰəɳɖ]; lit. 'the land of forests') is a state in eastern India. [8] The state shares its border with the states of West Bengal to the east, Chhattisgarh to the west, Uttar Pradesh to the northwest, Bihar to the north and Odisha to the south.

  4. Dari, Jharkhand - Wikipedia,_Jharkhand

    Hazaribagh district is a plateau area and forests occupy around about 45% of the total area. It is a predominantly rural area with 92.34% of the population living in rural areas against 7.66% in the urban areas. There are many census towns in the district, as can be seen in the map alongside. Agriculture is the main occupation of the people but ...

  5. Pratappur, Jharkhand - Wikipedia,_Jharkhand

    Language and religion. Hindi is the official language in Jharkhand and Urdu has been declared as an additional official language.. According to the District Census Handbook, Chatra, 2011 census,. Rural poverty. Total number of BPL households in Pratappur CD block in 2002-2007 was 16,152. According to 2011 census, number of households in Pratappur CD block was 21,055. Rural poverty in Jharkhand ...

  6. Hussainabad, Jharkhand - Wikipedia,_Jharkhand

    Demographics. As of 2001 India census, History. In state government records it is known as Hussainabad but central government recognizes it by the name of Japla. In 1740, 'Hidayat Ali Khan' (born 1700) was nominated as Jagirdar of newly made jagir named as Japla in Jharkhand state (earlier it was in Bihar) by the Mughal emperor Muhammad Shah ...

  7. List of chief ministers of Jharkhand - Wikipedia

    Two chief ministers, Shibu Soren and his son Hemant Soren, represented the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM). Shibu Soren's first term ended in just ten days, as he could not prove that he had the support of a majority of the house and was forced to resign. The state has also been governed by Madhu Koda, one of the few independents to become the ...

  8. Dubai Silicon Oasis - Wikipedia

    Dubai Silicon Oasis. /  25.12417°N 55.38111°E  / 25.12417; 55.38111. /  25.12417°N 55.38111°E  / 25.12417; 55.38111. Dubai Silicon Oasis known as DSO ( Arabic: واحة دبي للسيليكون) is a free-trade zone established by the Dubai government in 2003, spanning an area of 7.2 square kilometers.