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  2. FAFSA - Wikipedia

    The CSS is a fee-based product of the College Board (a private non-profit organization) and is used by the colleges to distribute their own institutional funds, rather than federal or state funding. Eligibility [ edit] The official FAFSA website is This article is part of a series on Education in the United States Summary

  3. CSS Profile - Wikipedia

    The CSS Profile, short for the College Scholarship Service Profile, is an online application created and maintained by the United States -based College Board that allows college students to apply for non-federal financial aid.

  4. College Board - Wikipedia

    The College Board develops and administers standardized tests and curricula used by K–12 and post-secondary education institutions to promote college-readiness and as part of the college admissions process. The College Board is headquartered in New York City. [2] David Coleman has been the CEO of the College Board since October 2012.

  5. David Coleman (educator) - Wikipedia

    David Coleman (born 1969) is an American businessman, currently serving as the ninth president of the College Board, a non-profit organization that designed the SAT exam, SAT Subject Tests, and Advanced Placement (AP) exams. [1] He is often described in the media as "the architect" of the Common Core State Standards Initiative. [2]

  6. SAT Subject Tests - Wikipedia

    Unlike the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) that the College Board offers, which are intended to measure general aptitude for academic studies, the Achievement Tests are intended to measure the level of knowledge and understanding in a variety of specific subjects.

  7. 2020 AP exams controversy - Wikipedia

    The 2020 Advanced Placement examination controversy involved College Board, a nonprofit education company, allegedly performing a series of potentially illegal activities, including phishing students and creating unfair testing conditions.

  8. Why US Colleges Are Pulling Out Of Ranking Systems

    A staple of the college application experience is, of course, the U.S. News Best College rankings. For nearly the last 40 years, U.S. News annually releases a definitive ranking of colleges ...