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  2. Caddo Public Schools (Louisiana) - Wikipedia

    Caddo Public Schools is a school district based in Shreveport, Louisiana, United States. The district serves all of Caddo Parish . History [ edit] In 1965, the board was sued by Shreveport pastor and civil rights leader E. Edward Jones and his wife, Leslie, to compel, successfully, the desegregation of Caddo Parish public schools. [1]

  3. Caddo and Choctaw Railroad - Wikipedia

    The Caddo and Choctaw Railroad (C&CRR) was a shortline rail carrier in Arkansas between 1907 and 1924. It primarily served the timber industry. History. The C&CRR was incorporated April 19, 1907, in Arkansas, for the stated purpose of constructing, owning, operating, and maintaining a railroad from Rosboro in Pike County to a point near Langley, Arkansas, also in Pike County, about 23 miles.

  4. Caddo - Wikipedia

    In the early 19th century, Caddo people were forced to a reservation in Texas. In 1859, they were removed to Indian Territory . Contents 1 Government and civic institutions 2 Precontact history 2.1 Archaeology 2.2 Religion 2.3 Territory 2.4 Culture and gender 3 Post-contact history 3.1 Late 19th century to present 4 20th-century reorganization

  5. Caddoan languages - Wikipedia

    The Caddoan languages are a family of languages native to the Great Plains spoken by tribal groups of the central United States, from present-day North Dakota south to Oklahoma. All Caddoan languages are critically endangered, as the number of speakers has declined markedly due to colonial legacy, lack of support, and other factors. Contents

  6. Hasinai - Wikipedia

    Hasinai The Hasinai Confederacy ( Caddo: Hasíinay [2]) was a large confederation of Caddo -speaking Native Americans who occupied territory between the Sabine and Trinity rivers in eastern Texas. Today, their descendants are enrolled in the Caddo Nation of Oklahoma and the Natchitoches Tribe of Louisiana. Contents 1 Name 2 Government 3 History

  7. Caddoan Mississippian culture - Wikipedia

    The Caddo Nation of Oklahoma (previously known as the Caddo Tribe of Oklahoma) reorganized and set up a constitutional government in the 20th century and is a federally recognized tribe. A tribal constitution provides for an elected tribal council of eight members with a chairperson. The tribe is based in Binger, Oklahoma. [14]

  8. North Caddo Medical Center Plain Dealing Clinic - WebMD

    North Caddo Medical Center Plain Dealing Clinic 112 N Forrest Rd Plain Dealing, LA 71064 (318) 326-7272 OVERVIEW PHYSICIANS AT THIS PRACTICE Overview North Caddo Medical Center Plain Dealing...