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  2. Excluding currency, adjusted operating companies income up by 2.9%. Repurchased 16.7 million shares of its common stock for $1.5 billion. PMI revises, for prevailing exchange rates only, its 2013 ...

  3. Paying PMI? Here’s How to Remove the Monthly Mortgage Expense

    Finance experts point out several ways you can remove the PMI payments from your mortgage. First, your PMI will automatically drop off your mortgage payments once you’ve paid 22% of your home ...

  4. Project Management Institute - Wikipedia

    The Project Management Institute was founded by Ned Engman (McDonnel Douglas Automation), James Snyder, Susan Gallagher (SmithKline & French Laboratories), Eric Jenett (Brown & Root) and J Gordon Davis (Georgia Institute of Technology) at the Georgia Institute of Technology [8] in 1969 as a nonprofit organization.

  5. The best ways to pay off every kind of debt -

    American student loan balances totaled $1.31 trillion at the end of December 2016, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. To pay off your student loans faster, take these steps:

  6. Maria Montessori - Wikipedia

    Maria Tecla Artemisia Montessori (/ ˌ m ɒ n t ɪ ˈ s ɔːr i / MON-tiss-OR-ee, Italian: [maˈriːa montesˈsɔːri]; August 31, 1870 – May 6, 1952) was an Italian physician and educator best known for the philosophy of education that bears her name, and her writing on scientific pedagogy.

  7. PMI Colleges - Wikipedia

    The PMI Admirals is the champion of the 11th and 12th Seasons of CUSA in 2004 and 2005 respectively. PMI Admirals is also the champion of 58th National Students Basketball Championship in 2004. Campuses. PMI Colleges Manila — 419 W. Burke Street, Santa Cruz, Manila (main campus) PMI Colleges Quezon City — 73 Roosevelt Avenue, San Francisco ...

  8. Pensions Management Institute - Wikipedia

    Pensions Management Institute. Founded in 1976, the Pensions Management Institute (PMI) is the UK's largest professional body for employee benefits and retirement savings professionals, supporting over 6,500 members in 32 countries. The purpose of the institute is "To set and promote standards of excellence and lifelong learning for employee ...

  9. Peer-mediated instruction - Wikipedia

    Peer-mediated instruction. Peer-mediated instruction ( PMI) is an approach in special education where peers of the target students are trained to provide necessary tutoring in educational, behavioral, and/or social concerns. (Chan et al., 2009). In PMI, peers may mediate by modeling appropriate behavior themselves, using prompting procedures to ...