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  2. St. Louis Community College–Meramec - Wikipedia

    (August 2022) ( Learn how and when to remove this template message) St. Louis Community College–Meramec (also known as STLCC-Meramec or Meramec) campus is located in the suburb of Kirkwood, Missouri. Meramec is the largest community college in Missouri with over 12,000 undergraduate and transfer students.

  3. St. Louis Community College - Wikipedia

    STLCC operates as a single entity in athletic competition (as opposed to each campus operating as a separate program, which was the case prior to consolidation). Athletic teams are open to any eligible STLCC student, regardless of which campus the student attends.

  4. Blackboard Learn - Wikipedia

    Blackboard Learn (previously the Blackboard Learning Management System) is a web-based virtual learning environment and learning management system developed by Blackboard Inc.

  5. Blackboard system - Wikipedia

    A blackboard system is the central space in a multi-agent system. It's used for describing the world as a communication platform for agents. To realize a blackboard in a computer program, a machine readable notation is needed in which facts can be stored.

  6. Blackboard Inc. - Wikipedia

    Blackboard Inc. Blackboard Inc. was an American educational technology company with corporate headquarters in Reston, VA. It was known for Blackboard Learn, a learning management system. [4] It merged with Anthology in late 2021, [5] with the future name of the combined company not announced yet.

  7. Blackboard (design pattern) - Wikipedia

    Blackboard (design pattern) In software engineering, the blackboard pattern is a behavioral design pattern [1] that provides a computational framework for the design and implementation of systems that integrate large and diverse specialized modules, and implement complex, non-deterministic control strategies. [2] [1]

  8. Blackboard bold - Wikipedia

    Blackboard bold is a typeface style that is often used for certain symbols in mathematical texts, in which certain lines of the symbol (usually vertical or near-vertical lines) are doubled. The symbols usually denote number sets. One way of producing blackboard bold is to double-strike a character with a small offset on a typewriter.