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  3. Army Knowledge Online - Wikipedia

    Army Knowledge Online logo. Army Knowledge Online (AKO) provides web-based enterprise information services to the United States Army, joint, and Department of Defense customers. Enterprise services are provided to these customers on both classified and unclassified networks, and include portal, e-mail, directory, discovery, and single sign-on ...

  4. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command - Wikipedia

    United States Army Network Enterprise Technology Command ( NETCOM) is a US Military unit subordinate to United States Army Cyber Command. NETCOM's mission is to operate and defend the computer networks of the United States Army. The numerical command for NETCOM was 9th Army Signal Command, though this distinction was removed on 1 October 2011.

  5. United States Army Installation Management Command

    The United States Army Installation Management Command ( IMCOM) is a support formation of the United States Army responsible for the day-to-day management of Army installations around the globe. Army garrisons are communities that provide many of the same types of services expected from any small city. IMCOM is a major subordinate command of U ...

  6. One Station Unit Training - Wikipedia

    One Station Unit Training, sometimes referred to as One Site Unit Training, is a term used by the United States Army to refer to a training program in which recruits remain with the same unit for both Basic Combat Training (BCT) and Advanced Individual Training (AIT). Immediately following Basic Training, the unit seamlessly transforms from a ...

  7. List of current formations of the United States Army - Wikipedia

    This is a list of current formations of the United States Army, which is constantly changing as the Army changes its structure over time. Due to the nature of those changes, specifically the restructuring of brigades into autonomous modular brigades, debate has arisen as to whether brigades are units or formations; for the purposes of this list, brigades are currently excluded.

  8. Nevada National Guard - Wikipedia

    In 2016, the 152nd Airlift Wing was named the newest unit to operate the U.S. Forest Service’s Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System, or MAFFS. One of four military C-130 units nationwide operating the mission, the 152nd can be called to fight wildland fires around the nation.

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