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  2. SIPRNet - Wikipedia

    According to the U.S. Department of State Web Development Handbook, domain structure and naming conventions are the same as for the open internet, except for the addition of a second-level domain, like, e.g., "sgov" between state and gov: Files originating from SIPRNet are marked by a header tag "SIPDIS" (SIPrnet DIStribution).

  3. 'Major is still adjusting': New White House trouble hounds ...

    President Joe Biden's dog Major has been involved in a second biting incident at the White House, NBC News has confirmed. "Major is still adjusting to his new surroundings and he nipped someone ...

  4. HTML email - Wikipedia

    HTML email is larger than plain text. Even if no special formatting is used, there will be the overhead from the tags used in a minimal HTML document, and if formatting is heavily used it may be much higher. Multi-part messages, with duplicate copies of the same content in different formats, increase the size even further.

  5. History of Microsoft Exchange Server - Wikipedia

    Initial release: Nov. 5, 1997, released to manufacturing. The last version of Exchange Server to have a separate directory, SMTP and NNTP services. There was no new version of Exchange Client and Schedule+ for version 5.5, instead version 8.03 of Microsoft Outlook was released to support the new features of Exchange Server 5.5.

  6. Email - Wikipedia

    The term electronic mail has been in use with its modern meaning since 1975, and variations of the shorter E-mail have been in use since 1979: email is now the common form, and recommended by style guides. It is the form required by IETF Requests for Comments (RFC) and working groups. This spelling also appears in most dictionaries.

  7. S/MIME - Wikipedia

    S /MIME ( Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) is a standard for public key encryption and signing of MIME data. S/MIME is on an IETF standards track and defined in a number of documents, most importantly RFC 3369, 3370, 3850 and 3851. It was originally developed by RSA Data Security and the original specification used the IETF MIME ...

  8. Microsoft 365 - Wikipedia

    The Microsoft Outlook Web App, a part of the Live@edu service, displayed as a pinned site in Windows Internet Explorer 9 Office 365 Education, formerly Office 365 for Education and Microsoft Live@edu, is a free suite of hosted Microsoft services and applications that is intended for educational needs.

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    related to: army email webmail owa