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  2. AES key schedule - Wikipedia

    AES key schedule for a 128-bit key. Define: N as the length of the key in 32-bit words: 4 words for AES-128, 6 words for AES-192, and 8 words for AES-256. K0, K1, ... KN-1 as the 32-bit words of the original key. R as the number of round keys needed: 11 round keys for AES-128, 13 keys for AES-192, and 15 keys for AES-256 [note 4]

  3. AES Hawaii Power Plant - Wikipedia

    AES Hawaii Power Plant was a medium-size coal-fired electrical power station located in the south-west corner of a Hawaiian island of Oahu. Owned and operated by AES Hawaii, the plant was the only coal -fired power plant in the state of Hawaii , [1] and was the state's leading single source of toxic pollutants . [2]

  4. Jarmila Wolfe - Wikipedia

    Jarmila Wolfe [1] [2] (née Gajdošová, formerly Groth; born 26 April 1987) is a Slovak-Australian former tennis player. In her career, she won two singles titles and one doubles title on the WTA Tour, as well as 14 singles and ten doubles titles on the ITF Women's Circuit.

  5. AES11 - Wikipedia

    The AES11 standard published by the Audio Engineering Society provides a systematic approach to the synchronization of digital audio signals. [1] AES11 recommends using an AES3 signal to distribute audio clocks within a facility. In this application, the connection is referred to as a Digital Audio Reference Signal ( DARS ).

  6. Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy

    It is a type of emission spectroscopy that uses the inductively coupled plasma to produce excited atoms and ions that emit electromagnetic radiation at wavelengths characteristic of a particular element. The plasma is a high temperature source of ionised source gas (often argon). The plasma is sustained and maintained by inductive coupling from ...

  7. Audio Engineering Society - Wikipedia

    The AES is the only worldwide professional society devoted exclusively to audio technology. Established in 1948, the Society develops, reviews and publishes engineering standards for the audio and related media industries, and produces the AES Conventions, which are held twice a year alternating between Europe and the US.

  8. Key wrap - Wikipedia

    In cryptography, key wrap constructions are a class of symmetric encryption algorithms designed to encapsulate (encrypt) cryptographic key material. [1] The Key Wrap algorithms are intended for applications such as protecting keys while in untrusted storage or transmitting keys over untrusted communications networks.